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Shoulder Mount RIG 190 With MB-700 Matte Box Fr Ex1 D7000 GH1 GL2 Xl1 Xl2 7D Camera video film movie photography - SKU528

KIT INCLUDES, Rig-190, MB-700 Matte box - more info check here: http://www.electronic-sources.com/Shoulder-Mount-RIG-190-With-MB-700-Matte-Box-Fr-Ex1-D7000-GH1-GL2-Xl1-Xl2-7D-Camera-video-film-movie-photography-11228958/

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Brand Name: PROAIM Model Number: SKU528 Place of Origin: India

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MB-700 Matte box

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Shoulder Mount RIG 190 With MB-700 Matte Box Fr Ex1 D7000 GH1 GL2 Xl1 Xl2 7D Camera video film movie photography
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Professional Shoulder Rig-190 with MB-700 Matte box

Works with dslr/dv/hdv cameras including hvx200 dvx100 xm1 xm2 pd150 pd170 z1u A1u z7u 5d 7d t2i 550d gh1 fx1 d90 and other similar camcorders.

Quick release Sliding plate for quick mount and removal of camera
Tripod Mounting Feature Various other accessories can be mounted on the Rig like cage & LCD
The sunshade comes with height adjustment bracket that enables the different cameras to use with it.
MB-700 Sunshade works with both 12:8 and 16:9 aspect ratio format.
Top & Side flags of sunshade prevent unnecessary light and make your videos rich and professional.

• Rig-190
• MB-700 Matte box
• Two 4" x 4" square filter holder
• French flag with side flags
• Rubber Donut Rings
• Height adjustable front Bracket for connecting a matte box

Proaim Shoulder RIG-190

The Shoulder RIG-190 comprises of the following parts
• Camera Quick release, Base Plate
• Camera riser with X/Y adjustment options
• Tripod Mounting Plate
• Height Adjuster, Lens Support
• 150mm Extension Rails in 15mm dia
• 300mm long Rails in 15mm dia
• TH-29 Telescopic handles
• Shoulder pad, S-27B Straight Bracket

This PROAIM SHOULDER RIG 190 makes your camera setup complete to work independently and delivers excellent results without any jerk problems. It eliminates fatigue. It features adjustable Shoulder Rig with Rail system and handles. This is a multi-functional shoulder rig that can be used for mounting various accessories like 35mm Adapter/Follow focus/Mattebox etc.. at a time.

Features of Shoulder RIG-190
• This Rig has a central Tripod Mounting plate that makes a perfect balance between the camera and the front mount accessories (35mm Adapter/Mattebox/Follow Focus).
• This Rig has a Quick Release plate that enables the quick attached of the camera and easily slides into the adapter.
• The height adjustments in all parts Camera Mounting plate, Lens Support and Riser is possible through Allen-key bolt mechanism.
• The camera Riser for Vertical and Horizontal adjustments of the camera.
• The front 15mm Rail Mounting allows to be used other accessories (Follow Focus/Mattebox etc..). It works as height adjustment of the front mounting accessories to align the camera lens.
• The Front 15mm Rails are threaded and screwed to the height central height adjuster.
• Quick Lock Mechanism makes easy and quick assembly of the system.
• The Quick Release plate comes with both 1/4" and 3/8" camera mounting screws. Hence the large variety of cameras can be used with this Rig.
• This Rig is strong enough and it can support the large variety of smaller cameras and bigger cameras as well.
• The Handles are telescopic in nature and their height can be adjusted.

PROAIM MB-700 Matte box with French flag for wide angle lenses

A matte box is a camera accessory that essentially does the same thing as a lens hood and also mounts in front of the lens, but usually includes adjustable fins called French flags. These can be moved and adjusted to reduce lens glare. A matte box is an important device for quality photography and film making. The special design of the top and side flags allow for an extended bellows effect for maximum light control. This matte box design is the ultimate for performance in the field. The matte box avoids the first filter stage being blocked by the microphone, allowing it to rotate 180°.The Matte box is lightweight, weighs approximately 1.7 lbs, yet extremely robust. Packed with features that protect your camera and enhance your creativity, the more compact and lightweight operation this mattebox can be used as "clip-on" mattebox, which means the Mattebox fits on the front of your internal focus lens. The mattebox is mounted with a "Quick-Lock" system.

INTERCHANGEABLE MASKS PROAIM MB-700 Mattebox comes with both 12:8 and 16:9 aspect ratio format so that this mattebox can be used with normal as well wide angle lenses. 12:8 and 16:9 ratio mask can easily be attached or detached with four small screws in the front of the mattebox.
Compatible camera names
Canon hv20 hv30 5d 5d MK II 7d gl1 gl2 xm1 xm2 vx2100 vx1000
Sony A1u z1u fx1 z7u z1E Z1P DCR-TRV740 DCR TRV730 DCR-TRV720 DCR-HC26 DCR-TRV480E DCR-DVD605 DCR-SR42 HDR-SR12 SR200 HDR-CX7 HDR-XR520V HDR-XR500V HDR-XR200V HDR-XR100 DCR-SR87 DCR-SR67 DCR-SR47 fx1 z1u
Panasonic hvx200 dvx100 PV-GS29 PV-L353 VDR-M50 VDR-D100 PV-GS32 VDR-M75 HDC-HS9
JVC GR-DVL505 GR-DVL300 GRD750U JY-HD10U GR-D34E GRD796 GRD30 GR-D72 GR-D347US GR-D33US GR-D250US GR-DA30 GR-D270 Gr-D728EK GR-DZ7 GR-D390EK

Shoulder Mount RIG 190 With MB-700 Matte Box Fr Ex1 D7000 GH1 GL2 Xl1 Xl2 7D Camera video film movie photography suppliers    Shoulder Mount RIG 190 With MB-700 Matte Box Fr Ex1 D7000 GH1 GL2 Xl1 Xl2 7D Camera video film movie photography manufacturers