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Posted By: Heriberto on January 31, 2018 40:59 From 24.48.243.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Other Consumer Electronics

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Inquering Related Product: RXO Cheating Watch - PN-2017

Quick Brief

Brand Name: RXO Cheating WatchModel Number: PN-2017Place of Origin: Spain
Color: Black or WhiteMemory: 2/8GbSoftware: RXO Software
Chip: RXO PN2017  

Product Features:

With the new 2017 Chip and includes the RXO v5.1 software for transferring documents WORD, PDF, TXT.

- Emergency Button.

Product Cateogry: Other Consumer Electronics

Business Term:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 200 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: T/T,PayPal

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RXO Cheating Watch

Packaging Information


Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page
The only watch with black text background without brightness, emergency button (with real time) and keylock, without sound and with the magic RXO V5.1 software.
Store notes, ebooks, recipes, books, manuals and any text you want displayed no memory problems.
"Transfer hundreds of pages of WORD and PDF in seconds." The text background is totally black and gray text. You can also adjust the margins to maximize the display of your watch.
Patented and exclusive of DIGITAL-MEMORY.
New screen and slimmer over 16000 pixels resolution!
Technical Features:
Emergency button quickly. (Current time and locks all the buttons, you unlock it)
You can press the button while viewing text or in any menu or submenu.
Screen with more than 16000 pixels.
Front frame in black colour, without mirrors or reflections.
Text dimmer from 0 to 100%.
WORD Text Format, PDF, TXT ... to RXO: Background black and gray text.
Ability to change the text size, color and font.
From 200 to 400 characters per screen "as chosen font size."
Numbers page and margins for adjusting the display to maximum advantage.
Advancement of automatic or manual pages:
Automatic mode-time adjustable between 20s and 2 minutes, "for the slower")
Organize your documents in folders.
Automatic shutdown permanently or idle.
Lithium battery, RXO mode 12h. (30% longer battery life)
MP3, MP4 and FM radio.
Sound Recorder.
Photo Viewer: JPG
USB connection.
16 Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese ...
Included accessories:
Manual and instructions RXO 5.1 Software
CD-ROM with drivers and video converter.
Headphones for music USB cable for data and boot the PC.
130-230v Charger.
Rejects cheating watches imitations without these features! The real cheating watch with RXO chip only find on the website.
Original product, patented and registered, exclusive of DIGITAL-MEMORY
Pay with full guarantee on delivery, via PayPal or by transfer.
Discreet shipping not see any logo or trade name on the package or box.
12 Months Warranty

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