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Buy Lead: IGBT Power Module (See details)

We need bsm50gx120dn2
2 units

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Posted By: ROBOTPROGRESS on September 17, 2018 38:14 From 193.126.129.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Other Accessories & Parts

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Inquering Related Product: IGBT Power Module - BSM50GX120DN2

Quick Brief

Brand Name: EUPEC/InfenionModel Number: BSM50GX120DN2Place of Origin: Germany

Product Features:

1.IGBT Power Module

2. 50A, 1200V

2. Package: Module

3. Fast delivery time with stock

Product Cateogry: Other Accessories & Parts

Business Term:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Week

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,paypal

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IGBT Power Module

Packaging Information

Packaging Detail:Strong carton box
Delivery Detail:Within 3-5 days

Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page

1.IGBT Power Module
2. 50A, 1200V
2. Package: Module
3. Fast delivery time with stock


Power module
• 3-phase full-bridge
• Including fast free-wheel diodes
• Package with insulated metal base plate
• E3226: long terminals, limited current per terminal


1. Inverter fr Motor Drive

2. AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier

3. Uninterruptible Power Supply

4. Industrial Machines, such as Welding Machines

Relative Models:

BSM10GP120 BSM100GB120DN2 FS75R12KT3
BSM15GP120 BSM150GB120DN2 FS150R12KTE
BSM25GP120 BSM200GB60DLC FS300R17KE3
BSM35GP120 BSM200GB120DLC FS450R12KE3
BSM50GP120 BSM200GB120DN2 FS450R17KE3
BSM50GB120DN2 FF200R12KT3 DDB6U100N16R
BSM75GB120DN2 FF150R12KS4 FP10R12YT3
BSM50GX120DN2 FF200R12KE3 FP15R12YT3
BSM200GA120DN2 FF200R12KS4 FP15R12KT3
BSM300GA120DN2 FF300R12KE3 FP15R12KE3G
BSM400GA120DN2 FF300R17KE3 FP25R12KE3/KT3
BSM25GD120DN2 FF400R12KT3 FP40R12KE3
BSM50GD120DN2 FF400R12KE3 FP50R12KE3
BSM75GD120DN2 FF600R12KF4 FP50R12KT3
BSM150GT120DN2 FF800R12KF4 FP75R12KE3
BSM100GB120DLCK F4-200R06KL4 FP75R12KT3
BSM100GB120DN2K F4-400R12KS4

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