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Buy Lead: Directional speaker system (See details)


i am now interested in buying Directional Speaker System S100 .

can you please let me know the availability?

Please let me know if you have technical drawing to know the size and
field of impact in db.

Can you send us quotation and video

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Posted By: Hubert on April 06, 2019 28:38 From 185.248.12.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Speaker

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Inquering Related Product: Directional speaker system - S100

Quick Brief

Brand Name: SonicastModel Number: S100Place of Origin: Seoul South Korea

Product Features:

The sound is projected just like light. It is intensely focused to a certain space.

Product Cateogry: Speaker

Business Term:

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Directional speaker system

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Specifications and Product Details:

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Product Description

The sound is projected just like light. It is intensely focused to a certain space, only within the audio beam can hear the sound, and just a step away from audio beam you can not hear any sound.To the listener, the sound comes across as if it were through headphones, totally unlike a sound blaring from a distant speaker. It is excellent to use for impacting advertising message.Creates truly isolated sound beam that minimizes audio spillover and echo without bothering with noise to those people out of the sound beam. It is useful in places like museums, retail stores, subway, Kiosk, ATM, escalators etc. The sound can be focused directly or using reflective angle.The sound can travel long range without dispersing like laser or light.

Product Specification / Models

- 100 transducers- Max SPL : 95dB (white noise)- Amp power : 100W- Power : 48V / 2A SMPS- Size : Amp 213 x 44 x 233mm         Spk 250(D) x 35mm(T)- Frequency range : 400  ~ 10kHz- Volumen control- Sound tone control (High and low tone)- Sound Raditaion Angle : 10 ~ 30 degree- External input terminal : 3.5mm audio jack, RCA input)- PIR Sensor available- MIC input terminal


It is useful for outdoor advertisement, military communication use, keeping police line on demonstration, etc.

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